The Cove

he aerial breeze was enjoyable, but by the time the dragon angles towards land, you're excited for the prospect of having your feet back on solid ground - your friends here seem a little too enthusiastic about going fast. The dragon's rider dismounts first, then helps you down on the soft sand of the small cove.

"As promised," she says, thrusting a pack of food into your hands. "Saw them under the arch, but you'll know where they are soon enough, anyway. Wish I could stay, but duty calls. I'd better see you with twenty of the creatures on your shoulders when I get back!"

The rider swings herself back up on her dragon, and is gone in a mischievous wink and a flash of blue. In their absence, you slowly become aware of a humming filling the air. It's almost time. You hurry to the arch, where you're sure to find those eggs...

Eggs are hatching! Grab a firelizard, or two, or nine! Rules are in the box below!

Don't go through all the eggs to find rares............just kidding! You can even browse past clutches from the archive tab if you want to click more eggs (or find one you REALLY like, no judgement).

The only thing in particular I want to note is that these are not "adoptables" in the modern tradeable/sellable OC sense, please do not trade or sell them alone or attached to another character! Please don't upload them on Toyhouse as standalone characters either! Do contact me if you have questions.

These are firelizard eggs from the Dragonriders of Pern book series by Anne McCaffrey! Each egg links to a unique firelizard in mostly canon colours (gold, bronze, brown, blue, green, and very very rarely, white). Not every clutch will have every colour (and sometimes multiple rares may happen).

The next clutch of eggs will be added 1 October 2023 (Sun).

Eggs and their contents are refreshed every week - all randomly generated for interest! See the project here for more info.

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